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Data Entry Status


SectionTotal Number of Pesticide EntriesTotal Entries Evaluated This Year (new)Total Entries Re-Evaluated This YearCumulative Pesticides EvaluatedCumulative Pesticides Re-Evaluated
Pesticides of Interest Characterizations00000
Additional Pesticides of Interest Characterizations00000
Pesticides of Concern Identified0
POCs UnderActive Management0
Demonstrated Progress0
Program Management Section Completed0
POC reclassified as NPOC0

State, Territory, Tribe Measures


Measure 1
Pesticides of Interest =
number evaluated not a concern + evaluated concern
57 pesticides of interest + #added pesticides of interest
0/0 0%
Measure 2
Pesticides of Concern Actively Managed=
number of pesticides of concern under active management
number of pesticides of concern identified)
0/0 0%
Measure 3
Demonstrated Progress =
number actively managed with demonstrated progress
active ingredients under active management
0/0 0%
Measure 4
Number of re-evaluations (cumulative)
Measure 5
Number of pesticides of concern re-evaluated not a concern (cumulative).